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Tata Play New Connection

Tata Play New Connection

TATA Play DTH Connection is the ultimate home entertainment solution for all of your family members. Children, adults, and even elder people can enjoy family shows, movies, teleshop, sports, news, and science channels.

A DTH connection is no longer an option now. Times have changed and now you cannot expect your cable operator to offer you all channels at minimum rates. A TATA Play DTH new connection provides you with a very long list of national & international channels for all-time entertainment.

A DTH Connection is not a luxury anymore. It is now a necessity.

Gain complete control over what you want to watch or what you don’t want? With a TATA Play DTH connection, you can choose as many channels as you can and that too of your choice. None of the extra channels will come on your television.

We also charge as per the number of channels. You need to pay the charges for only what you have chosen. You can save your money with this scheme of ours. You can go with our packages or specific channels as per your wish.

Get TATA SKY Binge with our DTH Connection and watch all your favourite streams on your smart TV. You can play your YouTube videos on your TV too. Now with TATA Play, you can get the ultimate entertainment experience. It’s time to upgrade yourself with the technology and leave your old regular TV behind. Unlimited options are only a click away from you.

Call us now for the best packages on TATA Play New Connection.

Why Choose TATA Play New DTH Connection?

Best TATA Play New Connection Offers

Tata Play SD Digital Set Top Box

Get DVD picture quality and CD sound quality with TATA Play services and showcase. Also, we offer a pay-per-view movie service with this set Top box.

₹ 1,199/-

Features :-

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Tata Play HD Digital Set Top Box

Experience a whole new quality of cinematography with great picture quality, incredible colour palette, quality images, and stunning sound quality. With an aspect of 16:4 and 1080i resolution, the TATA Play HD box levels up your experience of watching television.

₹ 1,299/-

Features :-

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TATA PLAY Binge+ set android box brings your regular TV and all OTTs on one platform. Now with our binge+ service, you can watch all your favourite OTT shows and movies with one click.

₹ 2299/-

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TATA Play Multi TV SD Set Top Box

A special DTH service only for existing users of TATA Play SD users that offers you all the services of the TATA Play SD Set Top Box on Multiple TVs. Now you can run multiple TV sets with one set-top box only.

₹ 799/-

Features :-

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TATA Play Multi TV HD Set Top Box

A special for existing users of TATA Play users that gives you all the services of TATA PLAY HD set up the box on multiple TVs. Now run multiple televisions on the only set-top box.

₹ 899/-

Features :-

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TATA Play DTH Connection !!

Something for Your Whole Family

The world is in the digital era and you need to have a TV with the most advanced features and a modern DTH connection. We offer you the best of the best features of DTH connection with our TATA Play DTH connection.

Now you can see the wildest animals in the jungle, the biggest discoveries of science, the most important political and judicial steps of the world, the best entertaining movies, and the world’s best web series with TATA Play whenever you want.

We offer you 35+ valuable services for kids, adults, and elders in your family. You can expect Drama, classic TV shows, fitness, dance, cooking, education, romance, astrology, cinema, regional cinema, songs, science, and wildlife in different regional languages such as Bengali, Marathi, and Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, and Gujarati. 

For students, we provide fun-loving games that help them to grow their intelligence and memory. We also help you to prepare for JEE & NEET.

Consider The Following Factors Before Buying A DTH Connection:

When buying a DTH Connection, you should always check the following points to be fulfilled. By checking all the points, you will be able to save money and improve your entertainment quality.

Price & Channels Provided:

The current market is full of DTH connection providers with a long list of different packages. All of them, including us, are offering you channels with specific price rates. Before saying ‘yes’ to any deal, prepare a chart of channels that you want to watch and services that you would continue with the DTH connection. By comparing all the packages available, you can go with the best suitable for you.

Type of Set Top Boxes:

There are different types of DTH Set Top Boxes that you can choose. Focus on the best suitable boxes for you as per the technology and your budget. Also, choose for development in your current set-top box conditions. If you have LCD/LED, buy an HD box; if you have a tube TV, go for an SD box, and for DTH, you can go for a 4K DTH connection.


The most important factor to look out for is the quality of services a DTH connection provider is offering you. It includes warranty services, customer care services, and availability extra. While setting up a DTH, you will need customer care services for administration and record-related concerns. Also must check the online recharge facility.


Warranty of your DTH connection Set Top Box is a validity card in your hand. Always check for the best warranty period highlights while buying a DTH connection for your television at home.

Long Term Offers

Always think about long-term support while buying any DTH connection for yourself. Long-term packages like the yearly package TATA play DTH connection can save up to 40% of your annual cost. We let you choose your plans and also offer the best package for you.

General Queries Regarding New Tata Play HD DTH Installation

Yes, you can. DTH services run on the AV mode of a television and cable runs on normal TV mode. You can switch to either at any time and enjoy them.

No. You can’t run more than one TV with one Set Top box. However, TATA Play offers this scheme with a special multi-TV DTH connection for HD and SD set-top boxes. (Only for existing users)

Yes. We understand each challenge and are ready to give our best support services with our relocating DTH services.

Yes. TATA Play DTH signals come through satellites and not through towers. You only need a TATA play dish outside your home or on your terrace to catch the signals from the satellite.

You can get new Tata Play Connection Online by filling the contact form on onlinedthshop.com or by calling on +91-9540012166

TATA Play offers you the following special features.

  • Guide: A 4-day scheduled guide for program synopsis for all channels. 
  • Reminder: Allows you to set a reminder for your favourite shows and movies by 4 days prior.
  • Favourites: Set 50 of your favourite channels according to your order in favourite list.