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Tata Play Netflix Binge Watching Combo Recharge Pack under Rs 400/-

Tata play DTH services have changed the way we use to watch TV. Doubt DTH services have been around us for a long time. But the last 5 years have brought incredible changes to electronic entertainment. Especially when the internet becomes so easily accessible for Indian households. All the people now have access to the internet and smart ott platforms on their mobile phones. And with the smart TV and advanced DTH services, you can now watch all your OTT platforms on your TV at minimal charges. 

Tata play Binge has brought super affordable recharge packs for binge-watching Netflix OTT programs on your TV. In case you don’t know about Tata Play services Netflix and their combo packs, here is the blog that will tell you all in detail. 

Read the block completely to get an excellent idea about all the mentioned above. 

What is Tata Play? 


Tata play is a DTH service across all of India. Previously it was known as Tata sky. The total did you services holds one of the biggest numbers of viewership across the country. Due to its low-cost recharge packs and wonderful services, it has been one of the favourite DTH services of all time in India. 

Today Tata play supports hundreds of channels and more than a hundred types of recharge packs. You get language-specific recharge plans for each State of India. The diversification of languages in India is a big reason for doing so. 

Tata Play is now offering many odd platforms and sources at a very reasonable price. The 601 channels, 495 SD channels, 99 HD channels, and many other value-added services give you a perfect family entertainment time. Saying in Tata play that they offer something for everyone. 

What is Netflix?  


Netflix is an American subscription-based on-demand OTT platform. It offers independent distributor deals to the creators of the entertainment industry. It also produces the sum of its original services under Netflix Originals. 

Service holds 222 million subscriptions as of now. It is an independent distributor as well as a member of the motion picture association. Netflix is available in many countries including India. 

Netflix is the home of many incredible shows and movies that will buy you entertainment at all times. Netflix can be accessed through mobile phones, smart TV, setup boxes connected to a television, tablets, Blu-Ray player, digital media player, etc. 

How Will Netflix Binge-Watching Impact Your Entertainment? 


I am bored of saying this but television is not losing its grip over people. The main reason for this is the limited entertainment material available on TV. Only a few channels were available worldwide and people used to watch them. All TV viewers are dependent on the channel for entertainment. They can’t control what’s streaming on TV. People have to watch whatever is coming on the screen. 

All these factors degraded the value of television in our day-to-day life. Today, when there are multiple OTT platforms, movie lovers can watch anything from any country. This feature also established a new level of understanding of visual arts and cinematography. People are now watching excellent shows based on complicated storylines that everyone loves. Netflix and other platforms like it have raised the bar of entertainment in every country. 

Netflix offers web series, reality shows, and movies. IT office allows you to watch all content present on it irrespective of your residence country. 

Best Netflix Binge-Watching Combo Pack: 


Tata play is proudly offering Binge watching Netflix combo packs for its subscribers. You can watch many Netflix shows whenever you want to use your DTH data place service. This combo pack is the only way you can watch Netflix through TATA play as your business subscription and also as a TV channel pack. 

There are multiple Netflix but here we will discuss only the two that are under rupees 400 only. 

1. Tata Play New Kids TV Netflix Basic Combo: 


The data play new kids TV Netflix combo pack comes only at the rate of 389 rupees per month. This combo pack offers you 26 SD channels, especially for kids and news. But here is the main feature of this package. Offers you 12 different OTT platforms and a Netflix subscription to enjoy the shows and movies on Netflix. 

Note the final amount will include the network capacity fee charges. 

With this pack, you can watch news channels and your favourite Netflix shows with one finger click. 

2. Tata Play New Kids TV HD Netflix Basic Combo: 


The second combo pack featuring a Netflix subscription is available at only rupees 399 per month. This combo pack is similar to the above one but includes two HD channels and its feature list. You will get 24 HD channels and 2 HD channels specially arranged for kids to watch the news. 

You will have to pay the NCF charges in the final bill in addition to the 399 Rs/- per month charges. 

The Tata play offers many other combo packs but these two are the most affordable ones. You get a Netflix free subscription along with 12 different OTD platforms and 26 channels for kids, news, and your favourite shows. You may not get the free Netflix subscription with a combo pack. So if you are a fan of Netflix shows the above two packs are the best for you. 



Netflix has a huge viewership across the world. The reason behind it is the shows that are no less than incredible. Now you can watch Netflix shows on your TV through Tata play DTH services. Tata play offers mini combo packs featuring Netflix free subscriptions for you. 

I have discussed two combo packs that are the most affordable and offer you the most savings. So what are you waiting for? If you are a subscriber of Tata play go and bye any of the two mentioned in her Tata play kids binge Netflix combo pack


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