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Dish TV DTH New Connection

Dish TV DTH New Connection


Get our whole family-focused DISH TV DTH connection for entertainment. Watch your TV shows, movies, sports, science, romance, history, news, teleshop serials, and much more with amazing price packages available. 


We offer hundreds of channels (international & national) at minimal charges. Channels that can offer entertainment to our new age children as well as our elder members of the family. Also, we offer many games, fun activities, and study programs for children to family members. You can’t expect such a service from a local cable operator. 


A DTH Connection is not a luxury anymore. It is now a necessity. 


DISH TV DTH Connection offers you complete control over the connection choice and channel choices. You can choose the channel you want to watch or not. Our DTH connection comes with a wide range of local, national, and international channels that can easily fulfil your complete package of luxury entertainment. You can go for the channels as per your choice. 


Simultaneously you will only pay for the channels you watch. None of the extra channels will be given to you and we also don’t expect extra charges from you. Choose our money-saving packages and increase your wealth. 


With DISHSMRUT Hub watch all your favourite streaming services like Amazon Prime TV, Alt Bala Ji, YouTube, Hotstar, and any application from Play Store. These all services come with an addition to your regular TV. Upgrade your home entertainment with just one click on your phone. Witness the ultimate watch experience of television. 


Call us now for the best packages on DISH TV New DTH Connection.

Why Choose Dish TV DTH Connection?

Best Dish TV DTH Connection Offers

The next generation DISH TV HD box summons the best television experience for you & your family. With the 1080i resolution, MPEG4 technology, and 5.1 surround sound quality, we offer you a 1-year onsite warranty.

₹ 1,499/-

Features :-

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Get MPEG technology and the latest software from Dish TV with good picture quality and an inbuilt viewing card. Get free installation and a one year warranty with the setup box.

₹ 1,299/-

Features :-

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Get next generation multi TV HD set top box. It will run more than one TV in your home with only one DISH TV DTH Connection Set Top Box. This service is only for existing users.

₹ 1,517/-

Features :-

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A special DTH service only for existing users of Dish TV SD users that offers you all the services of the Dish TV SD Set Top Box on Multiple TVs. Now you can run multiple TV sets with one set-top box only.

₹ 1,517/-

Features :-

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Dish TV DTH Connection !!

Something for Your Whole Family

It is the 21st century of the world, famous as the digital era of human existence. The world is going through the peak of technological advancement. We now have all kinds of modern technologies with the best optimization in them. 


Similar is with your television connection. Time has long gone when you used to have the local cable connection. Today television is not just television but an interactive smart device for your children and elder members of your family. 


Dish TV offers the best features including games, fun activities, and studies with our new DTH connection. 


Our HD quality services of channels give you the best experience of watching the real and fantasy world of the entertainment industry. You will see the jungle and its kingdom, scientific discoveries, movies, web series, news, and history. You will witness the political, judicial, and social changes in the world with Dish TV’s international & national channels. 


We offer you more than 700 channels for kids, adults, and elders in your family. You can expect Drama, classic TV shows, fitness, dance, cooking, education, romance, astrology, cinema, regional cinema, songs, science, and wildlife in different regional languages such as Bengali, Marathi, and Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, and Gujarati.  

Students appearing for JEE & NEET can prepare better with our educational services.

Consider The Following Factors Before Buying A DTH Connection:

Today’s marketplace is full of DTH cable providers. However, you must check all ifs & buts before completing a deal with any operator. The cases of fraud and scams are high. You must focus on the following points before buying a DTH Connection.

Price & Channels Provided:

You will get to see various packages with a long list of channels and other services. They all come at specific charges as per your choice. But it is very important for you to check the list of channels they are offering you. Better if you prepare your own list and ask for the same from a channel operator.

Type of Set Top Boxes:

DISH TV offers you different types of DTH connection Set Top boxes. You can choose as per your monthly budget and your demands. Must focus on the additional services along with the channels. If you are already having a set top box then update it with the next version. 

If you have LCD/LED, buy an HD box; if you have a tube TV, go for an SD box, and for DTH, you can go for a 4K DTH connection.


Check for the best warranty services, customer care services, availability, channel services, and other DTH services like activity, games extra. Check for the online recharge system facility and offline store if you get into any trouble with the DTH services. While setting up a DTH, you will need customer care services for administration and record-related concerns.


Make sure to double-check your warranty period. It’s a validity card of your DTH connection. If anything goes wrong, with an authorised paper, you can go to the service centre for the repair or replacement.

Long Term Offers

Think about the long-term plans of any DTH Connection while buying one. Dish TV DTH connection offers one month of free service before you pay the package money. Once sure about the DTH connection, go for the yearly plan as they will help you save money.

General Queries Regarding New AIRTEL DTH Installation

Yes, you can. DTH services run on the AV mode of a television and cable runs on normal TV mode. You can switch to either at any time and enjoy them.

No. You can’t run more than one TV with one Set Top box. However, TATA Play offers this scheme with a special multi-TV DTH connection for HD and SD set-top boxes. (Only for existing users)

Yes. We understand each challenge and are ready to give our best support services with our relocating DTH services.

Yes. It is possible. However, we take rightful precautions for such conditions. We are sure if something like that ever happens, it would be for a few minutes only.

Yes. Dish TV DTH signals come through the satellite. You only need a dish on your terrace or outside your home to catch those.

Dish TV offers you a minimum recharge of 10 Rs/- for active users and 100 Rs/- for inactive users.

All of our packages are created for providing you with the best possible entertainment. You can subscribe to any of the following according to your choice.