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Airtel DTH New Connection

AIRTEL DTH New Connection


The world is going through the peak of technology and the digital era. Everything we can’t see is available on the internet. Our electronic devices have also been upgraded to much faster, advanced, user-friendly, and have more utilisation. 

Airtel DTH Connection is offering you to live a never seen experience of watching television. Television has never been so amazing. Watch all your favourite TV shows and movies with the most high-definition quality. Also get other services like games, streaming services, web series, and YouTube on your TV only. 


We offer hundreds of international and national channels. Our packages have something for everyone. Your children, as well as your elders, can enjoy our entertainment programs wholeheartedly. Also make space for our gaming services, educational services, and fun 


Our Airtel DTH Connection is not a luxury anymore. It is now a necessity for complete entertainment for your family. 


AIRTEL DTH Connection provides you control over channels that you want to watch on your TV set. You can set it on your television after setting up our DTH pack. With the local, national, and international channels in total, we offer you more than 500+ channels. A luxurious experience of Television is ahead of you. 

You will not be charged a single penny extra for your connection. Pay only for the channels you have set for your television connection. Choose Us, Save Money. 


With our Airtel DTH services, a long list of movies, sports, and web series, are awaiting you for coming back. Simultaneously you are going to have multiple streaming services like Amazon TV, Alt Bala Ji, Hotstar, and YouTube too. You can record your favourite shows and play them later at your convenience. 

Call us now for the best packages on AIRTEL New DTH Connection. 

Why Choose Airtel Digital New DTH Connection?

Best AIRTEL DTH New Connection Offers

Get the best maximum digital high-quality channels with our digital HD+ box. Experience the next age of television with features like recording. See all your favourite shows at your convenience at any time.

₹ 1,360/-

Features :-

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Get the best picture quality channels and maximum channels in HD. We provide a standard definition set top box viewing card. Get free installation and a one year warranty with the setup box.

₹ 1,153/-

Features :-

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Special Airtel DTH 4K streaming services at a minimal cost. Watch your favourite shows, movies, news, discoveries, history, and many more with the Airtel Xstream box. 24×7 service

₹ 1874/-

Features :-

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Get next generation Airtel Digital multi TV HD set top box. It will run more than one TV in your home with only one AIRTEL DTH Connection Set Top Box. This service is only for existing users.

₹ 1067/-

Features :-

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Special Airtel DTH Services only for existing members. Now with a multi-TV SD set Top box, you can run more than one TV with one connection.

₹ 949/-

Features :-

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Airtel DTH Connection !!

Something for Your Whole Family

Airtel DTH connection offers you the best modern television DTH set up with something for everyone in the family. Long gone is the time when you only needed a local cable TV for your home. Now it’s time to use advanced Airtel DTH Connection. With the best-featured services with us, you can level up your experience of watching TV. Our DTH Connection will serve as a semi-interactive electronic device for new-age children and as an old familiar TV set for elder members of the family. 


Airtel offers the best features including games, fun activities, and studies with our new DTH connection. 


Watch the high-quality picture quality service with us. Experience your favourite TV shows, movies, and the real and fantasy world of the entertainment industry. See the jungle of kings & queens, scientists, history, discoveries, news, web series, and most loved streaming services. You will witness the political, judicial, and social changes in the world with Airtel DTH international & national channels. 


We offer you more than 500+ channels for each member of your family. You can expect Drama, dance, classic TV shows, astrology, fitness, education, romance, cinema, cooking, regional cinema, songs, science, and wildlife in different regional languages such as Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Gujarati.  

With our education services, students can prepare for their competitive exams like JEE AND NEET too.

Consider The Following Factors Before Buying A DTH Connection:

When buying a DTH service for your home, make sure to double-cross all your doubts and questions. Today’s market has many DTH operators who are ready to finalise their services with you. However, be careful as many scams are going around. Must check the following points before buying any DTH service.

Price & Channels Provided:

See all the channel lists and packages very carefully. An authoritative DTH operator will show each package very patiently and in detail. You can check and ask questions to him/ her about it. It would be much better if you make a list of channels by yourself for your home. Ask for the same from your DTH operator.

Type of Set Top Boxes:

AIRTEL offers you different types of DTH connection Set Top boxes. You can choose as per your monthly budget and your demands. Must focus on the additional services along with the channels. If you are already having a set top box then update it with the next version. 

If you have LCD/LED, buy an HD box; if you have a tube TV, go for an SD box, and for DTH, you can go for a 4K DTH connection.


One of the most important factors before finalising a DTH deal is the service quality they provide. Always double check for the best warranty services, customer care services, availability, channel services, and other DTH services like activity, games extra. Also, ask for the online recharge service facility and services at a nearby offline store in case you face any challenges. You will need customer care services for administration and record-related concerns while setting up a DTH.


The warranty period is a validity card of your DTH connection. Airtel Digital DTH Connection comes with a warranty period of 1 year. If anything goes wrong, with an authorised paper, you can go to the service centre for the repair or replacement.

Long Term Offers

While buying a DTH connection, think about a 1-year long plan. Long-term packages save your money from your annual home budget. We offer you one month’s free subscription once you buy our Airtel DTH Digital Connection.

General Queries Regarding New AIRTEL DTH Installation

Yes, you can. DTH services run on the AV mode of a television and cable runs on normal TV mode. You can switch to either at any time and enjoy them.

No. You can’t run more than one TV with one Set Top box. However, TATA Play offers this scheme with a special multi-TV DTH connection for HD and SD set-top boxes. (Only for existing users)

Yes. We understand each challenge and are ready to give our best support services with our relocating DTH services.

You can choose any of the following. 

     > SMS ‘BAL’ to 54325 from the registered mobile number. 

     > Give a missed call to 81300-81300. 

     > Go to Airtel Thanks App and service page. There check the DTH balance.

    > Go to the Airtel website and choose the DTH account. 

     > Go to the ‘Connections’ tab and ‘Change Base Pack’.

     > Choose any plan as per your wish.

All of our Airtel DTH set top boxes offer you quality services. However, Airtel DTH HD is the most technologically advanced and feature-rich. It allows you to watch your favourite OTT shows, download apps from the play store, and play games.