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Advantages of Choosing DTH Services for Your Home

DTH services in India have seen several years passing. Several companies like Tata Sky, Airtel, and Dish TV have set up many big corporations around the technology of DTH services. The DTH service also resulted in more than what everyone was expecting it to be. Too many people asked companies to set up DTH services at their home. Though the DTH services have overcome the business of cable TV connections long ago. But families are still using cable TV connections in their homes. If you are one of them this blog is exactly what you should look at. 

The DTH service has several benefits over cable TV connections. Balanced people are using it and getting the best experience in entertainment. In this blog, I am going to discuss with you a few points why Tata Play New Connection DTH is a better option for you. The blog to get all the information in detail. 

Benefits of DTH service:


Below are a few DTH Service benefits that you will get after installing a DTH set up box for your home. If you are enjoying your cable TV services till now, I am very sure that these benefits will draw your attention to changing your entertainment mode to DTH services. 

These very DTH Service benefits are few of the many but hold a large share and importance in the entertainment service Provider. 

1. Freedom of choosing the service provider: 

You must have felt the issues with your cable TV operator at some time during the services. This is very common and irritating when you ask your cable TV operator to change your plans or channels or report a problem with the services they are giving to you. 

Sadly if you are using a cable TV service there would be only one merchant licensed to that zone. You can go and ask for additional services if you want. The chances are high he/she will deny that because there are no options available but you cannot leave the service provider. In a particular zone of service, only one cable TV operator can offer the services. You have to watch what the service cable operator is offering you. 

In DTH service you have the availability of many DTH operator companies. These companies work on the national level and no local licensed service provider is acting as Boss to you. You can change the DTH service provider company if you want to. You can switch from one company to another just by uninstalling one setup box and installing the other company’s box. 

2. Flexible in budget recharge plans: 


One of the most important aspects of our life is money. We want to save money and make money as much as possible. As humans, we by nature try to make all our plans as flexible as possible in terms of capital. DTH services support that thinking. 

Different DTH service provider companies offer several DTH recharge plans. These recharge plans can differ in zonal and language-wise. Tata play which is the top DTH service provider offers you more than 100 kinds of recharge and top-up plans for your DTH. A similar goes with the dish TV which has 70+ DTH recharge plans. Airtel also offers you several DTH service plans. 

On the other hand, no cable service provider offers you such Liberty. If you want to change or add on some services you have to talk with the cable service provider. Later, all changes are dependent on the provider only. He/ she may or may not fulfil your request. This depends on the service provider’s capacity on how much he or she can change the services according to your request. 

Thus you have very little chances of getting a customised service plan for yourself there for you have to watch what they have in their pocket to offer you. 

3. Offers OTT platform contents: 


Cable TV service is now an old technology that came in the late 90s and early 20s. The world has changed greatly after the invention of the internet. We now have access to all the data in the world and modes of entertainment have changed in the recent few years. Youngsters and even some older people don’t like to watch TV now. Instead, they go for the OTT platforms which offer quite very interesting pieces of entertainment. The result is people don’t like to watch TV now. As the TV and its channels are not offering up-to-the-mark entertainment to its viewer. YouTube is also playing a big part in this change. 

While cable TV is still offering you limited channels and limited entertainment, Tata Play New Connection DTH services are becoming smarter and cooperating with modern technology. They are offering games, internet, 4K channels, customised plans, and many other features that a cable TV cannot give you. 

OTT platforms are now in Trend. DTH services offer you to enjoy all OTT platform content at a very fair charge. 

4. 24 * 7 customer service: 


Though your cable TV operator might give you the service 24×7, it may not be available all the time for you. As only one cable operator is allowed in a particular zone of service, you cannot expect the provider to be at your service all the time. This inconvenience disturbs your entertainment. 

DTH Service Provider Company operates on the national level and is an authority of a big corporation. Therefore they usually set up a team of customer service which deals with all your issues including your recharge top-ups, hardware problems, setup box issues, installation issues, and many others. They set up their local authority service centres where you can go and ask for the help you need. And you will not face any problem in contacting the DTH service provider company. 

5. Advanced technology setup boxes: 


As I have mentioned earlier cable TV is old technology. It cannot be corporate with modern technologies. You cannot expect 4K ultra HD channels in your cable TV services. 

On the other hand, DTH Service benefits you by offering a handsome number of all advanced technologies. It gives you more channels, HD channels, games, OTT platform content, web series, and many others. 

Also, DTH services come with different types of setup boxes. The setup boxes offer you to watch HD channels and even 4K channels. Therefore you have an option of choosing the best entertainment set-up box devices for your family. 



DTH Services offer something for all your family members. It has a wide range of channels in several fields such as sports, films, family, education, and many more. On the other hand, cable TV can’t give you such features. 

Above we have discussed how DTH services are more beneficial than any cable TV service provider. With the DTH setup box, you will enjoy your entertainment at its peak. 


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