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A Detailed Blog Guide to DTH Services in India

India has the largest user base of Direct to Home or DTH services in the world. DTH services have allowed the channels to reach out to the most remote places in our country. This has become the reason for so many people being able to get access to a high-quality television service. 

The device has a disc with each pack. The disc is set up outside of the house or on the ceiling of the house. These dishes receive the signal that is transmitted from the satellite. Since this satellite sends digital signals only hence as a consumer, you get only high-quality clear videos on their television sets.

Why Should You Prefer DTH Services instead of Cable Services?

DTH services are a revolution in the television industry. With the help of this technology, the service providers went to the most remote areas of the country without failing to give them a wide range of channels and top-notch quality. It replaced the previous era of cable television connection. But how? 

DTH services offer many benefits over cable TV connection. Some of them are as follows. 

  • Unlike the cable connection, DTH service offers you top-notch digital quality broadcasting and Dolby Audios. 
  • There are a lot more channels in comparison to the cable connection. You get hundreds of channels and you can choose which one to watch or not by choosing a package offered. 
  • The DTH services allow you to use your system in multiple languages according to your comfort. No need to stick to one language that cable TV operators tell you. 
  • Cable does not show you the upcoming programs but with DTH services, you can see what is upcoming with what is currently going on in detail. 
  • DTH services offer you a bunch of features that cable connection does not provide you. Some of them are recording, gaming, educational programs, and extra. 
  • It works in a large coverage area and gives you top-notch quality broadcasting even in the most remote villages that a cable connection can’t provide. Either it will not be available or will offer an unstable connection. 
  • The biggest advantage of installing a DTH service is it saves you money. You only pay for the channels you watch. Unlike the cable connection where you have zero control over channels, here you will be in charge.

Types of Set-Top Boxes:

DTH services work on set-top boxes. You will be given a set-top box and a dish to install outside of your home. Your set-top box will wire connect to both the television and the installed dish. There are majorly two types of Set-Top boxes that each DTH service provider offers. 

  1. Standard Definition Set-Top Box. 
  2. High Definition Set-Top Box.

1. Standard Definition Set-Top Box:

As the name speaks for itself, a standard set-top box offers you standard quality broadcasting for channels. It has Dolby audio and standard quality channels 24×7. 

2. High Definition Set-Top Box:

A high-definition set-top box is more advanced than a standard definition set-top box as it offers you both standard definition and high-definition set-top boxes. It has crystal clear audio and video quality that enhance your experience by multiple times. 

With time, DTH service providers are producing new technologies regarding DTH and hence they are offering new set-top boxes like Xbox. 

Best DTH Service Providers in India:

Here we will tell you about the best DTH service provider company in India.

Airtel Digital TV:

Today who does not Airtel? A big telecom enterprise that has a strong user base in India. Other than telecom services, Airtel rules over the DTH industry with its amazing channels and excellent features. Airtel is the most preferred DTH service in India. Its specialty is the number of channels it offers in its packages. With the numbers, it also offers you many regional channels. You can record your favourite shows. It also has education for your children and a smart lock on channels for prohibiting children from watching some channels.   

If you are going to take multiple connections then you may get a discount on it. Notably, the weather does not interrupt the broadcasting. 

TATA Play DTH Services:

TATA Play is one of the oldest DTH services in India. Once it was the #1 in this industry because of its wide working area and exciting offers. Recently TATA Sky changed its name to TATA Play. It has a collaboration with 20th Century Fox and has been in service for almost two decades now. 

TATA Play offers an excellent range of channels and games to its users. With the channels, it offers a very easy user interface to the operator of the whole system. Its service quality is top-notch and fulfils your every requirement as soon as possible. TATA Play has something for everyone in the family. It is a full package of entertainment that will keep your family united. It offers kids channels, news, discovery, and many other channels that will never put a full stop on your entertainment.

Dish TV DTH Service:

The oldest DTH Service provider in India is the DISH TV Service Provider. The channel was started by the ZEE TV channel. For two decades, it has successfully developed itself to adapt to the changes and demands of the market. Today Dish TV is one of the best choices for your home entertainment. 

It offers you regular updates on your services for enhancing your entertainment experience. The upgrades make it possible for you to compete with the new advanced technologies in this field. 

Additionally, Dish TV DTH Services offer you many features with its set-top boxes. It offers games, educational programs, a child lock system, recording, favourites, interactive TV, and some courses to you.


Cable TV connection was an era and has introduced the common public to multichannel services. But a few years back, DTH services hit the market and became a boom instantly. The reason was simple. It offered the best broadcasting quality and customer services. 

Unlike cable connection, it does not get interrupted by weather and gives you a continuous flow of your daily entertainment. 


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